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Expert Tips on Custom T-shirts

So, now you are ready to use our t-shirt printing services. But, before that go through the below given expert tips, which will help you in saving a few bucks when it comes to printing. We are always adding more, no matter you want to place an order or not keep going them constantly in order to upgrade your knowledge and save some extra money.

  1. Custom printing onto white apparels will always be less expensive. This is because white garments are usually cheap; require fewer setups and less ink
  2. Cutting down the number of ink colours in your design will not only draw attention to the vital parts of your artwork, like your business’ name, or the slogan but will also the lower the price!
  3. Choose less printing positions will guarantee cheap t-shirt printing on the horizon.
  4. For the best printing outcomes, pick ink colours and item colours, which contrast one another.
  5. Keep it basic, the least expensive choice will always be one colour design, one print position and printed onto a white t-shirt.
  6. Screen printing is the best option when it comes to simple designs and bulk orders.
  7. Designs with shades, gradients, and intricate colour patterns are typically best done with either ‘transfer printing’ or ‘direct to garment printing’ techniques.
  8. Our customers regularly have hand-drawn art to use in their designs. Before starting, our art department has to take these images and process them for our printers. However, we can also trace your art precisely as provided if you wish to keep the hand-drawn look as-it-is.
  9. In the case of polo shirt printing, hoodies or personalized jumpers, it is best to use screen prints.